Thursday, 4 May 2017

Interview with Zoe from Dress Like A Mum

I am super excited to have another fabulous person featuring on Bad Mum. I was lucky enough to interview the lovely Zoe, the Founder of Dress Like A Mum!! 

Zoe has created an amazing Instagram account (@dresslikeamum) and website for us Mum's to feel like we can still dress like a normal human being even though we are a Mum. If you haven't already seen Zoe then read this interview and then head over to her Instagram account, to see her famous mouth open poses! 

What encouraged you to start Dress Like a Mum blog and Instagram account and where does the passion for fashion come from?
I started DLAM as a campaign to change the bad reputation of mum dressing.I felt like I was being judged on what I was wearing once being a mum and would receive comments such as ‘you don’t look like a mum’, ‘you don’t dress like a mum’ and these weren’t compliments. So I decided to turn dressing like a mum into a positive.
I also wanted to help women who were short of time with outfit ideas - especially ones that they could breastfeed in.
Both my mother and grandma were very stylish and worked in fashion so I guess I grew up with it. Plus I love clothes!
I have never been clued up on fashion and I couldn’t tell you what is Primark or Prada; how do you make fashion easy and assessable for all Mum’s?
My outfits are all practical, wearable and affordable and easy to replicate.
What is your take on high street brands and top labels? Have you got a preference or like to mix up both?  
I definitely like to mix it all up - I buy things from sale sites, the high street, charity shops - if I like it i’ll wear it it doesn’t matter where it is from.

Is it important to you for no matter at what stage of motherhood you are at, to feel your best or at least to attempt to through the baby sick, bits of toast in your hair and your underwear on back to front?
Women have enough to deal with with motherhood without any extra pressure of feeling like they have to dress up or look good. The most important thing is that you feel happy and confident and if clothes can help you then that's got to be good.
You are right in we do see an immaculate dressed Mum or even a Mum that has managed to brush their hair that day in complete awe but we shouldn’t assume that every Mum will naturally lose the ability to get dressed! Does this frustrate you?
There are loads of assumptions made about parents and mothers, the truth is you have no idea what they are dealing with behind the scenes. Everyone is different and some mums have different priorities, as long them and their kids are happy it doesn’t matter what they are wearing.
So, many Mum’s (including myself) will be thinking but HOW does she look so good every single day with being a Mummy too (and make it look so easy!) Please tell us some of your secrets and tips!!
Smiling is a good one - everyone looks better with a smile. And a bright lipstick detracts from a tired eye.
One of your missions is to make the high street more Mummy friendly and better Mum/Mum to be shops, how is this going?
I think that the high street has massively improved it’s maternity ranges over the last few years and are finally starting to realise that pregnant women still actually want to be fashionable. I’d like to think I had something to do with this but i’m not sure...
With everything you do in your day to day life, work and running DLAM; how do you juggle everything without going insane and turning to wine at every opportunity?
I am very busy - I work hard and every evening - I wish I had more time but I have very supportive family & friends who I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without them.

With all your years of experience what advice would you give to Mum’s that have an idea in them but just don’t know where to begin or even the courage to make that first step?
If you believe in it and if you really really want to do it then - make it happen.
There can be, well, a lot of bollocks on Instagram which can be
from brands selling us something or people trying to “keep up with the Jones”, shall we say. How can this be avoided and have you got any social media advice you can share?
The most important things when viewing other people's lives on social media is - don’t compare!
What is next on your To Do list and have you got any main goals that you want to reach in 2017?
I have so many ideas! I want to carry on spending loads of time with my kids, I want to grow my business and brand and strike some kind of life balance.
Lastly, everyone must leave us with a parenting confession that they have never told anyone before, to help us all feel normal as we have all done it! If it helps go and do a shot!  
Sometimes I pay my children with chocolate money to get them to do things!
Thank you Zoe and the very best of luck with the future.


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