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Interview with Amanda from Gage Huntley

As soon as I discovered Gage Huntley on Instagram (@shopgagehuntley) I knew I needed to speak to Amanda about her Fuck You jewellery and how she has made it happen. 

I could honestly spend a fortune on her website! After this interview please take a look and before you know it, you will be covered in bad Mama gold, too. 

Hi Amanda and thank you so much for taking time to answer some questions for Bad Mum magazine. As soon as I saw your website and Instagram account, I had to send you a message to appear on the website! I love your badass jewellery (which is so perfect for a Bad Mum!)

I absolutely love your attitude because Bad Mum represents the real bare face of parenting; not any pink fluffy bollocks. Have you always had such an unapologetic attitude towards life (which I love) and what is your outlook on life? When did you start Gage Huntley and what was the idea behind the brand (and name?)

I started Gage Huntley in 2012. After 10+ years in the real estate market I was DONE. I had my son Gage in 2010 and since his name is like the raddest name ever because I thought of it, well I named the company after him. 

This company started very different. It wasn't all foul mouthed in your face things. It was very pretty hand made beaded jewellery but lets be real, that's EVERYWHERE. I figured out that with social media being the way it was I could possible make an edgy line work.

How do you juggle running your business and being a Mama also? I bet you are a multi skilled ninja?

I'm totally a ninja. No, lets be honest. Some days there is a glass of wine in my hand at 2pm after dealing with customer emails and orders and regular daily chaos. I'm just a regular Mom trying to take over the world one swear word at a time. Its not easy. I probably lose hours a day I could be working because there's school, homework,'I'm hungry" every five seconds and when is dinner:; like, for real I know you need food kid you will get fed. I don't get much sleep I am constantly thinking about work. Stress level always at a high but I'm doing what I love so its just another day to me.

You have a fucking bad words collection…I seriously love you!! This ranges from zero fucks given to eat a dick (ha-ha!) Did you ever have any doubt that this range wouldn’t work? And, have you been surprised how popular it is?

That F*cks Collection. Ya that's a good one. In my daily life I'm not for everyone. People either take the time to talk and get to know me or they think I'm just a bitch, so its kind of like my "FUCK WHAT EVERYONE THINKS" to the world.

I'm honestly shocked on a daily basis that my customers come up with even more fowl sayings to put on cuffs. I mean, I found a real niche. Some people hate it. Well, I stamp custom pieces all day too if you aren't in to the lovely language I use.

What products did you start with just to test the waters and what was the reaction on social media?

I think one of the first cuffs I tested was "Fuck I love you". IT TOOK OFF. I actually pulled it off the site a year or so ago and brought it back just last month and it is doing amazing all over again.

Does Instagram play a big part in your business? I absolutely love Instagram and I think it is an amazing tool, especially for free! 

Instagram. Instagram is bread and butter. Do you know that I myself run that instagram, yes, its just me! No social media people. It took a long time to figure out the whole thing and get the right content but its pure magic.

Wow! Well done, that is really good going! 

Also, Instagram has been the reason behind some of the big named Mama’s out there and this very honest approach to parenting, that has proved to be very popular. What do you make of it all? 

As for the Instagram Mom's / parenting pages.... I am a very different Mom than most. If you want my two cents I will give you my two cents but I don't document my every day home life, my son, or my husband. Too much for me but more power to the women that do. That would be another full time job for me and I already need 5 of me and counting. 

For anyone reading this that has an idea, and is at home with the kids, what bit of golden advice could you give them on how to make that idea into a reality? 

Man, if I could tell any Mom out there anything. YOU CAN FUCKING DO IT. You can run a legitimate business, You can be your own team, If I can do it you can do it. Don't give up. I have failed with things so many times but you have to keep going.

If you haven’t already done enough, what is next on your To Do list and what else would you like to achieve?

The next on the to do list is expanding to more accessories, home decor etc. I have lots of things brewing.

Even now I don’t mention Bad Mum to some certain Mum’s I know, just because of the name! Not that I give a fuck but I can’t be bothered with explaining it all. What does your family and friends think of your success and the brand?

Well, I pretty much have a fuck it attitude to people that don't like what I do because weather you like it or not its feeding my family, clothing my family, keeping the roof over our heads. My husband quit his job and helps me out. We never imagined we would have a life like that. The haters can hate. Own it.

Lastly, everyone must leave us with a parenting confession that they have never told anyone before!? *do a shot if it helps* 

Parenting confession.... oh man this is just incriminating. I literally screamed at him recently, mind you he is 7 going on 21, If you do that again I am going to gut you like a fish with a dull spoon. I don't even know where that comment came from but it worked. I'm sure there are plenty more I am not thinking of! Ha!

Ha Ha that is brilliant! 

Thank you again and I wish you all the success in the future! I cannot wait to go shopping on your website and decorate my wrist with a lot of expletive language!  

For the full website please click here. 

Photos are credit to Amanda.

Interview by Sophie Farrow


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