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Interview with Kayti Peschke, Editor and Creator of Caboodle Magazine

When I first discovered Kayti's Instagram account I automatically fell in love with her. The more I clicked my way through her website; I think it is safe to say I wanted to become Kayti's best friend! 

I don't care if it's uncool to say cool these days because this beautiful lady is so cool. Kayti does so much it will take me ages to write it all here, so I will just shut up and let you read our interview. 

*Warning! You will soon be ditching your BFF and stalking Kayti*

Hi Kayti and thank you so much for agreeing to answer some questions for Bad Mum magazine. Firstly, I need to get this out the way…YOU ARE SO COOL!! I love your Instagram account (@kaytipeschke) and HOW do you fit it all in? 

For anyone that doesn’t know this young lady is the Editor of Caboodle magazine, photographer, designer AND Marketing Manager of Crafty Fox market…phew!

So apart from never sleeping or having an IV drip putting a constant, steady stream of coffee into your veins, how do you do it all?

Ha-Ha clearly I don’t want an easy life! I do get overwhelmed sometimes working on so many different projects at once so I just have to keep super organised, I write a LOT of lists! I usually schedule my days into different projects, I prefer to concentrate on one thing rather than flitting between them. I make task lists for the week, then break it down into what’s achievable each day and make a schedule to work from. Crossing off things as I do them with my highlighter pen is very rewarding and stops my head from blowing off completely! Believe it or not I am caffeine and mostly sugar free so I can only imagine how productive I’d be after a double espresso on a morning!!

I absolutely love the Caboodle magazine (I have a copy sitting here on my desk), as it so colourful, happy and modern. It also showcases the talented people we have in this world and fun ideas! You co-founded the magazine in 2015 and you are now the sole editor. I am super jealous as my dream has always been to have my own magazine but I know just from the small bit of research I have done it takes so much hard work, dedication and nerves of steel. How have you found the whole experience so far and has the magazine become everything you dreamt of?

Oh thank you! Yeah, I had always dreamt of starting a mag, so when the opportunity to actually do it arose I did what I always do, jumped in headfirst with bags of enthusiasm even though I had no clue what I was doing! So I taught myself how to use InDesign and learnt as I went along. I spent a lot of late nights screaming at the computer ha ha! But its been great, Issue 5 has just been released and I’m really happy with it, I feel that it is everything I want it to be now!

Issue 4

You have many pages to fill up every time the magazine is due to hit the shelves (can be found in over 200 stockists all around the world!) How do you think up new ideas to keep the magazine fresh and exciting?

Yeah its 164 pages now so quite a lot to play with! It all seems to come together pretty naturally though, I’m always gathering ideas and content for future issues, sometimes working over a year in advance. My desk is covered in lists ha ha! It’s exciting to come across a creative who’s work I like or admire and get to include them in the magazine.

Like I said you are also the Marketing Manager of the Crafty Fox markets (which includes, in your own words… “My roles include creating imagery and artwork for event promotion, creating and scheduling social media and blog content, producing engaging email newsletters and being on hand at the markets to take photos and help things run smoothly.”) Even this sounds like a dream job! For anyone that doesn’t know the brilliant Crafty Fox markets, can you please tell us what is involved and why they begun?

Yeah I love working for Crafty Fox! It’s been just over a year now. The markets were started by Sinead who has a background in making and events planning. She brought the two skills together and put on her own market in Brixton. It was a great success and it evolved from there. The markets are curated so have a really high standard of traders and there are always drinks, DJ’s and craft workshops. Awesome shopping, super friendly people and a really great atmosphere are what it’s all about. I always come home with so many goodies!!

Supporting artists, small businesses and creating a community of very crafty people is so important in this day and age, is this something that is important to you?

Massively important! And pretty much what I’m all about really. I wanted the magazine to be a showcase for all the amazing creative and makers featured and a platform for people to be seen. I also am really proud to be able to pay all the contributors involved now, granted it’s not much, but I believe in everyone getting something for what they do.

We have access to so many platforms and social media tools now; it is using them all to your advantage and to show what we are really made of. How important is it to be creative and have that freedom to showcase your creativity?

Without Instagram there would be no magazine. It’s where I’ve found most of the people who have been featured and contributed. It’s where most of our readers have found out about the mag. There is such an awesome community on there, I’ve made so many friends who I hang out with in real life now too. Such a great way for makers and creative to show off what they can do and with some personality.

And is it possible to land your dream job, start a new business venture or been seen by the right people just from using your little bit of the internet and from some creativity thrown in?

Absolutely! I’ve seen so many people do it and experienced it myself. I think the key is to just be really genuine and show the world who you are and what you believe in. If you like it, someone else will too, you will find your tribe and things will grow naturally. The biggest mistakes I made with business was trying to create something that I thought people wanted, rather than what I wanted to do. If you do something that makes you happy, that you really are passionate about, it will resonate with people so much more.

There will be many people reading this that has a talent or an idea but doesn’t know where to begin or might not have the courage to start something. What tips and advice have you learnt so far that you could share?

Just do it!! Don’t put it off or wait for the right time, because you won’t end up starting it! Dive in head first even if you have no clue what you are doing. If you are passionate enough the details will work out. This is probably terrible business advice but its always been my philosophy and I truly believe that if you work really fucking hard at something it will happen!

And equally don’t be afraid to step away from something if you discover it’s not quite right for you after all. There is no shame in saying ‘hey that’s not for me’ and moving on. I used to always do something to it’s absolute death rather than see it fail. It was a real light bulb moment when I discovered it was actually okay to just move onto another project without deeming yourself as a failure.

Just from looking at your website and Instagram page you bring so much colour and naturally make me smile. How do you keep so positive and the world so colourful?

Ha ha I have always loved colour so it just seems to be that way! Isn’t it great how colour can make people smile, I love that! I enjoy wearing colourful clothes and it’s awesome how many people seem to get a kick out of seeing a bright outfit trotting down the street! I enjoy making people smile and am definitely the eternal optimist. I’m rarely seen without a smile on my face and I think being a happy soul is powerful thing, it can only bring good to the world!

When you eventually get some spare time, what do you enjoy doing and what goes on in Kayti’s world?

I love hanging out in my garden and veggie patch. I find it hard to sit and do nothing without being fidgety so growing the veggies is really enjoyable. And eating them too obviously! I grow far to much for just me so I love sharing everything with my friends and family too, last year no-one visited my house and left without a courgette! I do like to sit out there reading and listening to the birds though, that is always bliss. I also love exploring new places, visiting Edinburgh as much as I can and any excuse to hang with my besties, usually hunting for vintage and eating ice cream!

Oh. My. God. Your. House. Is. AMAZING! The more I look at your website, the more I literally love everything you do! Before I go on, please click here and take a look at Kayti’s amazing house in York, overlooking the Yorkshire Wolds (which is available to hire as a location for shots – once you see it; you’ll understand why!)

Now I have so many questions *breathe Sophie* Did you design your home yourself and where do you get all your inspiration from?

Ha ha it’s rather a fun place to live! The house itself is a Scandi timber frame bungalow, so is rather log cabin-esque. But the interiors are all me! I gather loads of antique and car boot finds and seem to be drawn to all things mid century and kitsch, mixed with more modern pieces from designer makers. And randomly paint walls bright colours. Of course it’s very colourful and fun, and it makes me smile! It’s constantly evolving with whatever plants / charity shop gems / Crafty Fox Market finds I am bringing home, stuff moves around a lot! I’m a bit of a hoarder and seem to have a trillion collections going on at once. Right now it’s vintage books, typographic signs and anything Snoopy!

As you can tell I think you are great and I think I am in love with your world! Please keep bringing us joy, the Caboodle magazine and amazing photos of very talented people. Thank you again for your time and can I come around for a cup of tea please?

You are welcome anytime!!

Thank you! 

I feel as though Kayti may regret that offer...on my way! 

You can find Kayti’s website here.

All photos are credited to Kayti Peschke.

Interview done by Sophie Farrow.


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