Bad Mum Magazine

I started Bad Mum Magazine around September time, in 2016 and it has grown into the colourful, informative and fun website you see now.

Bad Mum Magazine represents the real bare face of parenting from real parents and people took to the idea quickly – quite frankly without them, it wouldn’t be what it is now.

I accept guest posts from people, I have regular features that appear weekly, fortnightly or monthly, I have horoscopes each month by Russell Grant, I conduct many different interviews (from Sandi Thom to the Editor of Caboodle magazine) myself, I also have a book club and Mum 2B section too.

I run the whole “thing” by myself – from running social media on all platforms to editing all the posts to filling the pages with content to answering all the emails – everything. But, I absolutely love what I do and I can honestly say, I am super proud of Bad Mum.

If you would like to appear on Bad Mum magazine, have an idea or would like to discuss work opportunities with me, then please do contact me at

To see the website click here. 

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